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Online Summer Reading Club

Kids from birth to age 18 are invited to join in the fun of our Online Summer Reading Club!  You can earn fun prizes for reading and completeing challenges.  Get started in the Online Club here:  https://wandooreader.com/coleman/2018-summer-reading-program

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why are we using Wandoo Reader and not the old paper tracking system?
The Coleman Area Library is transitioning to an online program to streamline our reading program and make logging of books easier on parents and library staff.  Children will enjoy using the Wandoo Reader game-like website to log books and complete challenges.  Kids will win prizes, receive online certificates and earn "credits" to spend on their avatar within Wandoo.  If you prefer to track your child's reading with a paper record, reading log sheets are available at the front desk of the library.  
We want to help young readers maintain their educational growth in the summer.  Reading during the summer is one of the best ways that children can be prepared when they return to school in the fall.  Help your child Read to Succeed and have fun while doing it with our Online Summer Reading Club.

2. What is my username?
Each username is unique to each participant.  When setting up your child's new Wandoo profile, we suggest you use the following format: firstname.lastname.  So, for example, Freddy Bookworm's username would be: freddy.bookworm.  Usernames are case sensitive.  Your child will keep the same userrname from year to year, as long as this program is used by the library.


3.  What is my password?
Like your username, the password is unique to each participant.  The Coleman Area Library recommends you use the 7 digits of your phone number.  For example, if your number is 989-465-6398, we recommend you use: 4656398. If your phone number changes, please call the library to have it changed in your account.


4.  How do I find my username and password if I forgot it?
If you have an email associated with your account, you can request an email to reset your information from the log in screen.


5.  Can my child participate in both the Online Reading Club AND the traditional “in-person” summer reading program?
For this first year, YES!  To encourage use of the Online Club, we are allowing children to take part in both programs this year.  That means many more opportunities for rewards when your child reads books this summer.  Give the Online Reading Club a try and let us know what you think! 


6. What's the difference between difficulty levels?
Wandoo Reader has three difficulty levels within the game for participants to choose between: easy, medium and hard. Choosing a higher level makes the game move progressively slower.  You can change your child's difficulty level by going to settings.  The level does NOT impact your child's eligibility for prizes at the library; it simply changes the game-play experience.


7.  Do I need to log books every day or immediately after finishing one?
No.  If you do not have internet access, you may come to the library and use a public computer to log your books and Secret Codes.  Please log all books and secret codes before the end of the program.


8. Can I print a log to show what I've read this summer?
Yes, under the "BOOKS" tab on your account there is an option to "print logs."


9. What does my child get for joining the Online Summer Reading Club?
In addition to enjoying the fun online game, kids will receive prizes at the library for reaching certain goals and completing challenges.  The more they read the more rewards they can earn!


10. What are "Secret Codes" and where do I enter them?
Secret Codes are given at each educational program/event hosted at the Library and for other challenges that you'll find in the game.  When you attend an event, look for the poster with the secret code and then enter it on the "Challenges" tab in your account.


11.  How do I pick up my prizes at the Library?
To help library staff, we encourage you to please print your certificate and bring it with you to the library.  If you don't have a printer, you can come to the library and let the staff know that you have a reward to collect from the Online Club.  Staff can search on the database to see which prize you've won.


12.  What age does my child have to be to participate?
Any child from birth to age 18 can join in the fun!  Reading to your little ones is a great way to help them develop an early love of reading.  And for school-age kids, it's an excellent way to prevent the educational "summer slide" and to make sure kids are ready for school when they return in the fall.


13.  Do I have to signup online to attend events?
No, all library events are free and open to the public!  You are not required to be part of our Summer Reading Program to attend and enjoy the events.


14. Are there any important dates that I should be aware of?
Please note the completion date for the program on our events calendar and have all of your books and secret codes logged by this date.  The software requires that we set an end date and we are unable to make exceptions.  The completion date is set to give Library staff the time needed to calculate winners and prepare prizes for participants.

15.  Anything else I need to know?
Please note that participants in the Online Reading Club are responsible for tracking their own reading, inputting their books into the club and managing their accounts.  Staff may be able to provide some assistance, time permitting, but you are responsible for making sure books are logged into your account. 
Also, this should go without saying, but please be honest.  We will do a head count at each event and if we find that more “secret codes” for the event were entered than the number of actual participants, we will have to remove all participants at that event from any prize drawings that may have been connected with the event.  So, keep it fun for everyone and play by the rules.  Thanks!
If you have further questions or need assistance, please call the library at: 989-465-6398 or email: colemanarealibrary@gmail.com