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Revised and Approved 8/12/14

Kendall Young Library offers limited exam proctoring services. Students must verify that the following conditions are acceptable to their institution before having the exam sent to the library.

1. The proctoring service is only available to Library patrons with an active library card.

2. There is no charge for proctoring services at the Library although printing, faxing and postage costs may apply. 

3. Students must contact the Reference Desk for authorization to take a test at the library well in advance of the deadline.

4. Proctoring services are scheduled during regular Library hours and depend upon the availability of personnel and facilities.  Tests must be completed 15 minutes before the Library closes.

5. The reference staff reserves the right to refuse to proctor a test if an appointment has not been made at least 24 hours in advance.  Visit the Reference Desk or call 515-832-9100 ext.3 to make an appointment.

6. The Library cannot provide direct in-room supervision of the student during the test.  The student will be seated in sight of the Reference Desk, but there is no guarantee that the student will be under observation at all times.

7. Specific librarians are not assigned to proctor specific exams or students.  Because of staff schedules, the librarian who begins proctoring the test may not be the same librarian on duty when the test is complete.

8. The Library cannot guarantee quiet conditions for test-taking. 

9. Library staff must receive the following information before a test is sent to the Library for proctoring: student name, name of institution, course title, and contact information for the student.

10. Library staff will verify the identity of the student by requiring a current photo ID before administering the exam.

11. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the test and/or any necessary passwords have arrived at the Library before their appointment.

12. Unless the college or university specifically states the student is allowed to use a personal computer, the student will use a Kendall Young Library computer for the exam.

13. Kendall Young Library is not responsible if a student misses a scheduled test.  Cancellations may be rescheduled.  No-shows will be rescheduled one time; if the student is a no-show for the second booking, the test will be destroyed or returned to the institution and no further appointments will be made for that student.

14. The library will deny future proctoring service if a student is caught cheating on an exam.

15. The test, and/or password for access to the test, should be sent to:
Kendall Young Library
1201 Willson Ave.       OR
Webster City, Iowa 50595

Accepted by the Kendall Young Library Board of Trustees 10/13/2009.  Reviewed and revised 2/8/2011, 8/12/2014