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Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone special, you want to be sure that you are getting something of quality and worth your money. The item could be a household purchase, like an air fryer, a television, or a vacuum cleaner. Or maybe it is a personal gift, like a fitness tracker, medical alert system, or an electric bike?
You can get help with your research and find quality reviews and product rankings, FREE, with your NPL card and Consumer Reports. Visit the NPL’s website, natlib.org, click on “Resources & E-Materials,” then “Online Databases,” and finally, Consumer Reports (via EBSCOhost). Get help from the experts at Consumer Reports (CR) today, with your local library.

CR is the world's largest nonprofit product-testing organization and has been helping subscribers find better, safer products for 80+ years. CR accepts no outside advertising and no free test samples; and employs shoppers and experts to buy and test the products reviewed. In addition to product ratings and reviews, users will find in-depth advice, tips and trends written by Consumer Reports experts. Frequently updated articles, blogs and video content allow consumers to peruse the latest consumer news — whether you are looking to learn more about budget-friendly home improvement plans, understanding the benefits and risks of retirement options or searching for the latest recalls of baby products. ConsumerReports.org access through your library includes Cars Best Deals Plus for consumers looking for reliable information on new and used cars. Additionally, ConsumerReports.org features extensive content from Consumer Reports Online Health, which provides reliable and unbiased health information to consumers in search of better healthcare outcomes.

With ConsumerReports.org, NPL patrons can: Compare price, performance, and reliability all in one place with expert reviews; purchase the best product on an ad-free website from favorite retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.; connect with verified home service professionals to help with home renovation projects and installations; and enjoy a haggle-free car buying experience through Consumer Reports' Build and Buy program. CR works to create a fair and just marketplace for all. As a mission-driven, independent, nonprofit member organization, CR empowers and informs consumers, incentivizes corporations to act responsibly, and helps policymakers prioritize the rights and interests of consumers in order to shape a truly consumer-driven marketplace.

Founded in 1936, CR remains a trusted source with its rigorous, independent testing and research and creates a marketplace built on credible information, greater transparency, and fairness. Through investigative journalism, advocacy, and digital testing, CR empowers consumers, informs people’s purchasing decisions, influences businesses to improve the products and services they deliver, and strengthen norms, laws, and regulations through science, evidence, and data.
To access ConsumerReports.org today, sign up for an NPL card at either branch. For help accessing CR with an existing card, you may call the NPL at 318-238-9236 for assistance.