Laptops for Checkout

Laptops are availabe for patron checkout at both library locations. Informational Insert

Borrowers must: 

  • Be a permanent resident of Natchitoches Parish; 
  • Be over the age of 18;
  • Have a valid Natchitoches Parish Library card with a history of library use for approximately six (6) months.

At the time of checkout, borrowers must:

  • Have a library record currently in good standing (i.e. no overdue books or outstanding charges);
  • Present a valid Natchitoches Parish Library card;
  • Present a Louisiana driver’s license or state issued identification card showing current residence in Natchitoches Parish;
  • Agree to the terms of checkout by signing an agreement form. 


  • Borrowers bear the responsibility for items due to neglect, abuse, loss or physical damage.
  • Devices are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Each household may only check out one (1) device at a time.
  • Devices will be checked out for a period of seven (7) days.
  • Devices checked out may not be renewed.
  • Devices may be checked out again after a one (1) week waiting period per household.
  • Devices shall not be put in the book drop or overnight drop box. They must be returned to a Natchitoches Parish Library staff member who will inspect the device to ensure it is intact and working properly.
  • Devices must be returned to the library by the borrower on the due date at least thirty (30) minutes before closing. The borrower must remain at the library until a staff member has inspected the device to ensure it is intact and working properly.
  • If a device is lost, damaged, or stolen, borrowers are responsible for the replacement cost of the device and any accompanying accessories (case, USB, etc.) plus any accrued overdue fines.
  • If a device is not returned, it will be shut off, considered stolen, and turned over to the police.
  • Devices may not be used for illegal purposes, including but not limited to, pirating, illegal downloads, viewing child pornography, etc.

Other Information: 

  • An eligible borrower is only allowed to borrow one device at a time. 
  • Borrowers must provide their own accessories (e.g. mouse, headphone, USB drive).  The use of the accessories must not require the installation of any software on the device.
  • Devices can connect to the Internet utilizing wireless access points at home or anywhere free or paid wireless access is available.
  • Borrowers may not install any software onto the devices.
  • Borrowers may not alter, delete, or copy any software loaded onto the device, or otherwise change existing software or hardware configuration.


  • A patron’s privilege to check out a device may be removed for a period of time if the patron fails to return loaned equipment by the due date or leaves before the check-in procedure is complete.
  • If a device is not returned on time, a fine of $10 per day will be assessed. 
  • Devices not returned within seven (7) days after the due date will be considered non-returned and turned over to the police as stolen.
  • The borrower is responsible for making sure that the device is in working order and without physical damage when it is checked out.
  • Under no circumstances should a borrower leave the device unattended. The library will not be responsible for a lost or stolen device.
  • Borrowers assume full responsibility and fiscal liability for all costs associated with damage to the device or accessories during the period it is checked out, or the replacement costs should items be lost or stolen.


  • A $10.00 per day fine will be assessed if items are not returned on time. 

Charges for physical damage to or loss of a laptop or accessories are as follows: ​

  • Laptop (Lenovo N22 Chromebook) = $185.00
  • Carrying case = $15.00
  • Charger & cable = $35.00

Problems or Questions: 

If patrons experience problems with the device, they should report them to library staff.

  • Main Branch: (318) 238-9224
  • Northeast Branch: (318) 476-3280

The borrower should not try to troubleshoot the device.