Page Turner Adventures

This virtual Summer Reading Program content is made possible by NEFLIN (Northeast Florida Library Information Network), a multi-type library cooperative serving member libraries throughout the region. For more information about Page Turner Adventures or to watch the daily vidoes, please visit our Facebook page.

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When you read, every day is an adventure - Page Turner Adventures

Week One: Fairy Tales!

Other Week One Videos:

  1. Paper Bag Gingerbread Houses:
  2. Little Red Riding Hood's No Bake Cookies:
  3. Interview with author Chris Graberstein:
  4. Interview with Author Lucia Gonzalez:
  5. The Bossy Gallito read by the author Lucia Gonzalez:
  6. Fairytale Madlibs:
  7. Guest Performer Secret Agent 23 Skidoo:

Week One Downloads/Printables:

Week Two: Space!

Other Week Two Videos:

  1. Pie in the Sky Dreams:
  2. Craft Alien Puppet:
  3. Craft Alien Frisbee:
  4. Author Lori Haskins Houran:
  5. Illustrator Priscilla Alpaugh:
  6. BONUS LORI HASKINS HOURAN reads Space Mice:
  7. Tween Craft Fizz Ball Planet:
  8. Craft Space Case Computer Bag:
  9. BONUS Emission Impossible:
  10. Janet's Planet:

Week Two Downloads/Printables:

Week Three: STEAM

Other Week Three Videos:

  1. Show Day - STEAM Show:
  2. Younger Kid’s Craft - Thaumatropes:
  3. Older Kid’s Craft - Balloon Rockets:
  4. Author Interview - JJ and Chris Grabenstein:
  5. Author Interview - Teresa Robeson:
  6. Tween Craft – Phenakistoscope:
  7. Tween Craft - Solar Oven:
  8. Friday Guest Performer - Magician & Rockin’ Eco Hero Steve Trash:

Week Three Downloads/Printables:

Week Four: Adventure

Other Week Four Videos:

  1. Information Jones Purple Wish Lion:
  2. Information Jones Bonus Video:
  3. Pirate School:
  4. Paper Plate Wish Lions Craft:
  5. Paper Tube Binoculars Craft:
  6. Author Donna Gephart Interview:
  7. Author Donna Gephart Reading:
  8. Bonus Donna Gephart Trailer:
  9. Author Kelly Milner Halls:
  10. Bonus Illustrator Esther van den Berg:
  11. Easter Island Heads Tween Craft:
  12. Tanabata Stars Tween Craft:
  13. Guest Performer Adventure Sandwich:

Week Four Downloads/Printables:

Week Five: Music and Art

Other Week Five Videos:

  1. Show Day Video:
  2. Clapping Sticks Craft Video:
  3. Paper Cup Drums Video:
  4. Author Day - Sherri Winston:
  5. EZ Tie Dye Craft Video:
  6. Book Bats Craft Video:
  7. Guest Performer Day - Miles Hoyt:

Week Five Downloads/Printables:

Week Six: Cooking

Other Week Six Videos:

  1. The Great Pizza Contest:
  2. BONUS VIDEO: World Read Aloud Day Pizza Book:
  3. Kids Craft Paper Plate Pizza:
  4. Kids Craft Cup Pies (Cuppies):
  5. Kids Craft Fruit Pizza:
  6. Author Interview Margaret Dilloway:
  7. Tween Activity Tortilla Pizza:
  8. Tween Activity Granola Pinwheels:
  9. Tween Activity Pencil Mustache:
  10. Cooking Special Guest Noodle Station (How to Make Ramen Noodles):

Week Six Downloads/Printables:

Week Seven: Water

Other Week Seven Videos:

  1. Jump Into Water Safety:
  2. Kid Craft Bubble Art:
  3. Craft: Sandpaper Art:
  4. Author Shutta Crum:
  5. Author Janeen Mason:
  6. How to Choose a Good Book, Shutta Crum:
  7. Tween Craft: HydroDipping:
  8. Tween Craft: Rainstick:
  9. Burl the Bubble Guy:

Week Seven Downloads/Printables:

Week Eight: The Circus

Other Week Eight Videos:

  1. Magnificent Circus Mystery:
  2. Magician Jessica Jane:
  3. Bonus Video: Kids Club News:
  4. Kid's Craft: Magic Circus Trunk:
  5. Kid's Craft: Clown Bookmark:
  6. Bonus Video: Less Stressinator:
  7. Guest Author Don Tate Book Trailer:
  8. Don Tate on Fitness & His Book STRONG AS SANDOW:
  9. Guest Author Interview: Don Tate:
  10. Tween Activity: Juggling Workshop:
  11. Tween Craft: Make Your Own Juggling Balls:
  12. Guest Performer: Circus Kirkus:

Week Eight Downloads/Printables:

Week Nine: Theatre

Other Week Nine Videos:

  1. Reading of Drama Dragon:
  2. Kids Craft: Fire Breathing Drama Dragons:
  3. Kids Activity: Mad Director:
  4. Author Interview: Bethany Hegadus:
  5. Tween Activity: Improv Games:
  6. Tween Craft: Tissue Box Theatre:
  7. Guest: The Amazing Mr. A:

Week Nine Downloads/Printables:

Week Ten: Pirates

Other Week Ten Videos:

  1. Pirate School: Marooned Together (Show):
  2. Promotion/contest for Page Turner book:
  3. Kids craft: Pirate Spyglass:
  4. Kids craft: Coloring sheets:
  5. Kids craft: Balloon boats:
  6. Author Interview: Melinda Long:
  7. Author Tom Lichtenheld:
  8. Tween craft: Treasure map:
  9. Tween craft: Nautical Pencil Jar: 
  10. Captain Book and the Book-a-neers Part 1:
  11. Captain Book and the Book-a-neers Part 2:

Week Ten Downloads/Printables: