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Interlibrary Loan
Linda Blake

Linda Blake has lived in Henderson, Texas since 1993.  She is married with two adult children and one grandson.  Linda graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies with a minor in Business.  She ignited her love for the library while volunteering at her son's elementary school library.  From there she began to work part time for both the Rusk County Library and Henderson ISD.  Linda then worked full time for Henderson schools, for two years as a classroom aide, then four years as a library aide.  Linda returned to work for the Rusk County Library in 2011, beginning in circulation, then moving to the children's section.  She enjoys helping in all areas.  Since 2012 Linda has assumed full-time responsibilities of Interlibrary Loan serving the entire Rusk County Library system.  She has been able to get items for patrons that are not available in Rusk County Libraries.  Linda has borrowed books through Interlibrary Loan from libraries all over the country, from as far away as Alaska to Florida.  She enjoys helping patrons acquire books not available locally.  It makes her happy when they are able to read what they really want to read. Linda loves to read, especially mysteries, and to take care of her precious grandson.  Her favorite Dewey number is 364.1.