Library Advisory

Library Advisory


Overview of the Library System

As an information resource center, the USC Library System provides information resources and services responsive to the curricular and research needs of all sectors. It supports the goal-directed thrusts of the University of San Carlos.

In the system are 15 libraries, 5 AV Centers, central acquisitions and cataloging units supervised by professional and PRC licensed librarians located in the four campuses of the University. The computer room in the office of the Director of Libraries is the technology nerve center of the Library System. The Library System operates on the concept of participative and values-based management reflective of the University’s Mission and Vision, guided by its Slogan: Customer First and Always.


Mandate of the Unit

Efficient, effective and cohesive work performance of all units in the system is anchored on its main function as provider of information resources and services responsive to the needs of all the university sectors relative to curriculum and research. Specifically, the System’s main function is carried out through an efficient system of selection, procurement, organization and dissemination of library resources to end-users by competent, committed library information professionals and staff.