South Campus - Education Library

School of Education Library

2nd floor Anthony Buchcik Building-South Campus


Education Library,  previously known as TEC Library after the college old name of Teacher Education Center in 1971, is located on the 2nd Floor of Anthony Buchcik Building in the South Campus at J. Alcantara Street, one kilometer away from the Downtown Campus. After 7.2 magnitude earthquake in October 15, 2013, the library underwent a structural retrofitting that made way to better learning - study spaces that foster collaboration between teachers-students-student teachers to provide active teaching- learning experiences. Education Library supports the School of Education programs leading to Baccalaureate, Master and Doctorate degrees of Teacher Education, Physical Education and Science and Mathematics Education. As early as 1961, the library was visited by Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) accreditors when the College of Education underwent a formal survey for accreditation.
The Commission on Higher Education has recognized the School of Education as a Center of Excellence in Teacher Education. To sustain the status as Center of Excellence, relevant and up-to-date books, periodicals/journals, and eResources on Teacher Education and Training for  Education, Secondary,  Special Education, Early Childhood Education Montessori Education, Physical Education, Pedagogy, Religious Education and Values Education are provided and  made available through the web opac.
A semestral “Acquisitions List” - electronic announcements of new  Education library & AV materials is sent thru the DigDDS (digital document delivery service) to faculty members  and accessible through the University Library  website   and  for the System wide Aquilist of different discipline libraries.

Mrs. Susana Nimfa A. Tapulado
Education Librarian/AV Coordinator
Tel. No.: 254-0117
Local numbers : Education Library - 238 / Buchcik Hall - 256