Reviews for They Want To Kill Americans

by Malcolm Nance

Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

A scathing look at the MAGA crowd and the existential threat they pose to American democracy. As a writer on terrorism and fascism, Nance has previously specialized in two areas: the workings of al-Qaida and the Islamic State and the mindset and actions of Trump and his followers. In this follow-up to The Plot To Betray America, the author blends them to examine the movement he calls “TITUS, the Trump Insurgency in the United States,” whose practitioners and supporters, like the best terrorists, blend into the community and are perfectly content with the thought of killing anyone who disagrees with them—all with the aim “to destroy American democracy and install Donald Trump as dictator.” Trump might like nothing better, or he might have other plans. Regardless, writes Nance, Trumpism is not likely to disappear, especially now that the Republican Party has become its wholly owned subsidiary and is doing whatever it can to dismantle voting rights to disenfranchise its opposition and retain permanent power. Meanwhile, the TITUS tribe, by Nance’s account, is executing a carefully planned four-part strategy that centers on avenging the 2020 election—a matter that could embrace executing opposition politicians. “Violent extremists in the United States and terrorists in the Middle East,” writes the author, “have remarkably similar pathways to radicalization,” pathways that very often wander into the realms of make-believe (as with QAnon’s fevered distortions) by way of online sources. The author digs deep to describe organizations and individuals coordinating with TITUS, including the Proud Boys and a depressingly high number of active-duty police and military-service personnel. That Trump proved a remarkably inept president does not deter these supporters, who form a base that “has become an openly fascist movement”—and, Nance concludes, represent a threat that “America will have to confront for the next generation at the least.” A stark warning to be taken seriously. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.