Reviews for Here's The Deal

by Kellyanne Conway

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The grand champion of alternative facts defends her years as one of Donald Trumps primary enablers.Conway was infamous as a Trump spokesperson for a range of emotions that ran from contempt to rage, and she had a knack for contemptuously shrugging off every excess committed by her boss and his gang. This memoir demonstrates all of that and more. Snarky from the get-goBy every imaginable metric, I should have been a Democrat.Probably a man-hater, tooshe writes with abundant self-congratulation about having risen above her blue-collar past to embark upon the wildest adventure of my life, namely tossing out alternative facts while attempting to explain away the many misdeeds of the Trump White House. Unsurprisingly given her track record, Conway has plenty of venom to go around: She despises Steve Bannon (No onedid less workless actual workwhile he was there), Paul Manafort (He literally fell asleep during my PowerPoint on how to close the gender gap with Hillary), and Jared Kushner (He misread the Constitution in one crucial respect, thinking that all power not given to the federal government was reserved to him). Her undisguised rage lands hardest on her husband, George Conway, an erstwhile Trump supporter who began to tweet, a couple of years in, anti-Trump views that she took personallywithout, it appears, ever considering that Trump was manifestly unqualified for the job. On her offending husband, the author has dark thoughts aplenty: Democracy will survive. America will survive. George and I may not survive. Of course, she has plenty of jabs for Joe Biden and other Democrats. As for Trump, its nothing but a lovefest: His people may have led him astray, she growls, but he always put America first.Bilious, querulous, and preposterous: everything a Trumpian apologia is meant to be, suited for true believers alone. Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.