Our Services - Laptop for a fee
Guidelines for Laptop Use

Laptop computers are available for checkout to USC students, faculty and staff with a FEE. Laptops are available at the following libraries: Basic Education, Bonk, Education, JB-LRC and Law.

          Laptop Circulation Rules

  • Laptops may be checked out by bonafide library users who have a valid university ID.
  • Patrons who wish to check out a laptop must read and conform to the Laptop Responsibility Agreement of the Library System.
  • Laptop use is charged by the hour at Php 50.00. Loan period for laptops is 2 hours. Renewable for another hour. The Library System reserves the right to deny a renewal request.
  • Only one laptop may be checked out per user.
  • Laptops are for library use only. Users are not permitted to bring out the laptop from the library premises.
  • Laptops may not be checked out for overnight.

    Fines and Replacement Fees

  • Laptops must be returned to the Information Desk/KNC Librarian. Do not leave the laptop unattended at the KNC counter. Wait for the librarian to check in the laptop. Fines of Php 50.00 per hour will be assessed to the library users who fail to return the laptop on the scheduled time (due time). If the laptop is not returned within the library service hours, the user will be billed for the actual cost of the replacement and failure to return the laptops on time may resort to revoking the privilege to borrow the laptop for 1 semester.

    Use Guidelines

  • WIFI connection is available for users to connect free of charge using the laptop.
  • Use a USB flash drive to save your files. Files will not be retained on the hard drive; they are automatically erased upon return.
  • To print from the laptop, save your work and print at the KNC.
  • Never leave the laptop unattended. While the laptop is in a User’s possession, the User shall be responsible for it all the time.
  • If the laptop or any components (such as the power cord) is lost, stolen or damaged while check out to you, you are solely responsible for any and all repair or replacement fees. If laptop is stolen while signed out to a student , it should be reported immediately to the Information Desk/KNC Librarian
  • Laptops are to be used responsibly for academic purposes, and are not intended for gameplay, socializing, etc.