Our Services - Interlibrary Loan, Referrals
Interlibrary Loan, Referrals

Interlibrary loan is a service for administrators. The library facilitates the temporary transfer of books for loans within the USC Library System. It also helps customers access the materials of other academic libraries in the country and even outside.

These are the intralibrary loan guidelines within the System:

  • An administrator places a request for books with his college librarian; these books are available only in another USC library.
  • The librarians arrange for the temporary placement of the requested books in the library.
  • When the books arrive, the customer is notified. (In most cases requested books will arrive within two to three days.
  • He may borrow the books in his library; he does not have to go out of the campus to borrow.

    Interlibrary Loans Outside the System
  • Science Library and Health Sciences Library link up with DOST-7 Library for interlibrary loan purposes.
  • The Acquisitions Unit handle interlibrary loan requests involving the National Library and academic libraries like Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University and other libraries with rich collections.