Philosophy and Goals of the Library

It is the philosophy of the Fort Berthold Library to promote an enlightened citizenship and enriched personal living.  The Fort Berthold Library is a cultural institution and an open learning center.  Structures learning programs are foremost in the service of the collection.  However, self directed or recreational purposes are also served:

Goals of this library are:

  • Collect for general information needs of the reservation residents;
  • Collect materials that relate to the Hidatsa, Mandan, and Arikara tribes;
  • To support the curriculum and mission of the Fort Berthold Community College;
  • Cooperate with or sponsor forums and groups which encourage learning, complement cultural activities of reservation residents or library use.
  • To provide an organized, maintained, and accessible collection through relevant circulation processes.
  • To participate in inter-library cooperation.
  • To provide personal assistance identifying, locating and using information sources.

To automate and keep abreast technological developments in library functions.