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Reference Services 2

The library district offers many services: Copy machines are available at every library district facility.

Fax services at the cost of $1.00 per page to send information and .25 per page to receive information are available at all locations.

Farber (573) 249-2012
Laddonia (573) 373-2393
Martinsburg (573) 492-6254
Mexico (573) 581-7510
Vandalia (573) 594-3590

Patrons have access to the Internet while in any of the district facilities. They may use the public access computers provided at all library district locations or bring your personal computer or tablet and use the free wireless provided at all locations.

Volunteers in our Genealogy/Family History Department at the Mexico branch provide services to patrons working on their family histories. You may e-mail them with your questions at:

If you have a question call any of the the library facilities located in Mexico, Farber, Laddonia, Martinsburg and Vandalia and ask for assistance. You can also e-mail the library with your question at:

updated 03/26/2021