Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Peñitas Public Library
Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Peñitas Public Library provides its patrons with access to the Internet.

The following policies govern the use of this Internet Access Facility.
This policy was developed by The Peñitas Public Library with the
concurrence and support of the Library's Board.

1. The Internet is an appropriate and useful information tool for children,
young adults, and adults. Its resources contain a wide variety of material
and opinions from varied points of view, not all of which are equally
suitable for the informational and recreational needs of each age group.
2. The Peñitas Public Library will develop and promote positive examples
of Internet resources for each of the above groups. However, the library
staff cannot control access points within the Internet, which often change
rapidly and unpredictably. The Peñitas Public Library therefore assumes
responsibility only for the information contained on its own Home Page,
but not for other access points within the Internet.
3. To assist patrons the Peñitas Public Library Director and Staff
will stay abreast of current Internet-use policies and concerns of state and
national library associations, governmental organizations, and of other
groups with respect to freedom of information regarding Internet use.
4. Patrons using Peñitas Public Library facilities to access the Internet must
agree to and abide by this acceptable-use policy. Patrons shall agree to
hold harmless and unconditionally reimburse the Peñitas Public Library for
any liability or damage claim arising from any use or misuse of Internet
access by the patron.
5. Peñitas Public Library staff will not censor what a patron wishes to
access on the Internet. As with all informational resources in the library, a
library staff member may review what is being accessed and offer
assistance in locating additional information. If the information being
accessed is likely to create an unreasonable distraction to other patrons,
the viewing area may be positioned to provide the viewer privacy.
6. Parents or guardians of minor children must assume the same
responsibility for their children's use of the Internet as with their use of other
library materials. The library will make available to parents and other
interested individuals information related to safety and censorship issues,
freedom of information, family values and other topics related to Internet
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access. Much of this information is available on the Internet from
organizations such as the American Library Association, the "Internet
Advocate" (a web-based resource guide for librarians and educators
interested in providing youth access to the Internet.), the U.S.
Government, educational institutions, public libraries, and others.
7. Patrons may not use the library's facilities for any activity prohibited by
federal, state law or local ordinance. In addition, patrons may not:
7.1 Use the library's facilities to gain unauthorized access to the
library's networks or computer systems or to any other network or
computer system in any other facility.
7.2 Obstruct other people's work by using the system unreasonably
or by deliberately crashing or disrupting any computer system.
7.3 Make any attempt to deliberately damage the computer
hardware or software, or to deliberately and knowingly introduce a
computer virus.
7.4 Make any attempt to alter, change or modify computer
7.5 Make any attempt to cause degradation of any system's
7.6 Use any workstation to operate a business.
7.7 Violate copyright laws or software licensing agreements by the
unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted or licensed
7.8 Engage in any tortious activity, including libel or slander.
8. The Peñitas Public Library expressly disclaims any liability or
responsibility arising from access to or use of information from the Internet
through its facilities or any consequences thereof.
9. The library reserves the right to update and change this policy at any
time without notice. It is the responsibility of the patron to read and
accept the current version of the policy. Any violation of the acceptable
use policy may result in the individual being denied access to the library's

Most Recent Revisions (in reverse chronological order):

Internet Acceptable Use Policy approved by Peñitas Public Library Board Peñitas, Texas June 7, 2012. Revisions approved June 11, 2020.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy approved by Peñitas Public Library Board Peñitas, Texas June 7, 2012. Revisions approved April 4, 2016.