Parent/Teacher Resources

In the Children's Department, we have a collection of books that are helpful resources for parents and teachers.


Helpful links:

Npr's 100 best Childrens books



In addition to the homeschool program, we also have educational HONOR KITS available for pick-up on our HONOR bookshelf, located in the Children's Department of the library. These kits contain multiple books on a specific subject. Unlike other items in the library, the items on our HONOR bookshelf do not have a time limit, and you do not need a library card to check them out. Simply borrow and return when you are done. All that we ask is that you be mindful of others, and when you return packets, please double-check that you have included all of the books.


Have you ever been helping a student with a project and thought to yourself, “how can TEL help?” Well, we have answers! Over the next four weeks, we’re excited to share a series of videos demonstrating how TEL can be used to help with specific school assignments. Each week, we will share several videos pertaining to elementary, middle, and high school audiences. Just in time for the start of the school year, these videos will be a good refresher on the many wonderful resources and tools available for free in the Tennessee Electronic Library.

This week, we answered the following questions:

“My students are doing science fair projects and need to come up with topics. How can TEL help?” (Elementary School)
“My students are new to doing their own research and I want to give them helpful resources. How can TEL help?” (Middle School)
“I am working on an essay and need to find related topics to the one I’m writing about. How can TEL help?” (High School)