STEAM Homeschool Group


What is STEAM Homeschool Group?
STEAM Homeschool Group is a free program provided by Hendersonville Public Library, and hosted by Children's Librarian, Miss Chelsea. This self-paced program is free from creative restrictions, and is intentionally designed for children to explore learning in a fun and natural way!

What do you do at STEAM Homeschool Group?
The room is set up with different tables, each featuring items and materials inspired from "STEAM" (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) concepts. During the hour, children are encouraged to visit tables of their choosing, and learn about what interests them. During this hour of exploration, we encourage parents to connect and engage in meaningful conversations with others. By doing so, we hope you can collaborate, share, and learn from one another.

The goal of this group:
The goal of STEAM Homeschool Group is to inspire learning driven by imagination and natural curiosity, in a safe and fun environment, without inflicting additional cost to families.

What this group IS:
• This group IS a space for homeschool parents to cross collaborate with other homeschool parents and share fun ideas/activities/suggestions with one another.
• This group IS a place for elementary school children between the ages of 6-10, or grades 1st-5th, to meet other children their own age and practice social play.

What this group is NOT:
• This group is NOT a licensed teaching program.
• This group is NOT a childcare service. Parents MUST remain in the room with their children at ALL times.

When and where is Homeschool Group held?
Homeschool Group is held in the Hendersonville Public Library from 2 PM to 3 PM on the first Monday of each month. Homeschool Group will be cancelled if the first Monday falls on a holiday. 

Who can attend STEAM Homeschool Group, and how?
Steam Homeschool Group is for homeschool families living in Sumner County Tennessee, with children between the ages of 6-10 or in grades 1st-5th. Children cannot attend without a parent or guardian present. Sign-up sheets are available in the Children's Department.

If you are an educator or parent who would like to donate homeschool resources, for grades 1st-5th, please speak with the Children's Librarians.

About your host:
Miss Chelsea works as one of the Children's Librarians in the Hendersonville Public Library. Having a long history of childcare, including special needs care, as well as a personal history with homeschool education, Miss Chelsea is fully equipped to understand the needs of homeschool families. She is deeply dedicated to meeting the needs of those in her community and excited to share her experience with hands-on learning.

Contact Us:

For more information and personal inquiries, please contact the childrens department at