4. Book Donations

Donations are always needed!

Book donations benefit the programs and activities the Library provides our community. Small donations may be brought to the library's check out desk. Larger book donations may be boxed and taken to the loading dock in the rear of the building.



  • Books in good condition
  • Children's books
  • AV materials in working order: audio books, movies (DVD or Blu-Ray), CDs. 78/33 Records
  • Donations


  • No damaged or dirty items (torn, yellowed, water damaged, marked up pages, no broken bindings or stained covers)
  • No out of date reference materials, textbooks and popular travel books (2015 +)
  • No magazines such as National Geographic, Better Homes and Gardens, People, Sports Illustrated, Time
  • No VHS or cassette tapes, non-factory manufactured items, such as home-made DVDs or CDs
  • No encyclopedias, legal & medical books, or Readers Digest Condensed

Thank you for recycling NON-ACCEPTABLE items yourselves.