Streaming Video - Please be advised, Culpeper County Library does not filter content on                                                                    these  platforms.

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Kanopy Streaming Service

Over 30,000 films entirely free with a
Culpeper County Library card.

You can now access Kanopy through the Libby app!



The  popular  on-demand  film  streaming  service  Kanopy  is  now available for  free.  Library  card  holders  can  access  Kanopy  and sign  up  to  start streaming  films  instantly  by  clicking here.  Films can  be  streamed  from  any computer,  television,  mobile  device or platform by  downloading  the  Kanopy  app  for  iOS,  Android, AppleTV, Chromecast  or  Roku and soon to be added Fire stick.

With  the  motto  of  "thoughtful  entertainment,"  Kanopy  provides patrons  with access  to films  of  unique  social  and  cultural  value;  films  that  are  often  difficult or  impossible  to  access  elsewhere, and  programming  that  features  diversity, with  a  wide  array  of  foreign  language  films  and  films  on  race, and  current  affairs.

Each movie is 1 credit and you can use up to 10 credits a month (unused credits do not roll-over). Check out period is for 3 days.

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Libby has added streaming video to their service. Now offering the check-out of 4 streaming channels with movies, TV shows, concerts, courses, and more! Use the Libby app to check out a channel for a week then go to the channel's app and view no limitations. Downloading and intital set-up of channel apps required. Channels are found under Libby "Extras".

Maximum of 2 channel check-outs per month. Once a channel is checked out, you have unlimited access to that channel for 7 days. Check your app store for the Libby app.

Click here for set-up directions.

Available Libby Channels:


You can now "binge-learn” over 150 of the most popular courses taught by the world’s top professors from The Great Courses Library collection.


The world's largest collection of full-length concert films and music documentaries.


Pop culture film favorites, box office hits, and award-winning feature films, original content, documentaries, and shorts.

Craftsy is an online resource for all creative makers from basic instruction to advanced techniques for fabric and yarn crafts, baking, drawing, and much more.