Reviews for Red Glass

by Laura Resau

Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

Sixteen-year-old Sophie is well loved at home by her mother, stepfather and great aunt, who form a multi-ethnic family of great courage and compassion. But she's riddled with anxieties, fears and sensitivities. She expects disaster, death and loss around every corner. The arrival of little Pablito, a Mexican refugee, precipitates a series of life-changing events. Suddenly Sophie is thrust into situations and relationships that test her at every step. From simply being able to eat unfamiliar foods and interacting with people, to coping with real danger, she comes to the realization that she is much more capable and mature than she ever believed and that life and love are not to be feared. As Sophie careens from one adventure to another, Resau attempts to cover way too much ground as she deals with the plight of illegal immigrants, as well as past and present warfare and destruction in Guatemala and Bosnia. But somehow it all works. The characters are so compelling and sympathetic that the reader really cares how they all fare. Emotionally charged and powerful. (Fiction. 12-15) Copyright ŠKirkus Reviews, used with permission.