Do you have a Patron Code of Conduct?

It is the policy of the Putnam County Library System that any and all necessary steps be taken to assure patrons and staff that they will find the
Library System’s facilities peaceful, comfortable, and safe places in which to study, browse, or work.

To implement this policy, the following Code of Patron Conduct is adopted and shall remain in effect until modified.

AMENDED BOCC 8/14/01 VER. 5/31/05

If you have questions, please contact the Library System Director.

NOTICE In the event of a violation of this Code of Patron Conduct, escalating sanctions may be imposed in the form of 1) a warning, 2) a request to leave the
building, or 3) a call to the police or other such legal action as seems most appropriate in each instance.

Patron Code of Conduct:

I. Respect for the rights of other library users shall prevail at all times. This is the guiding principle of this code.

II. All library materials must be checked out properly before leaving the library.

III. All brief cases, oversized purses, carryalls, and luggage are subject to inspection before the patron leaves the building. Backpacks shall be left at the circulation desk while patrons are using the library.

IV. Disruptive behavior is prohibited. This behavior includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Physical action or the threat of physical action that could cause injury or harm to patrons or staff.
  • Damage to library property.
  • Obscene language.
  • Extended or loud speaking or noise that is disruptive to patrons and/or staff. When a group of patrons, seated together or close by, is the source of the unacceptable noise levels, such patrons may be asked to reseat themselves so that no more than 2 or 3 are seated near each other.
  • Verbal abuse toward patrons and/or staff.
  • Lewd or suggestive words or actions toward patrons and/or staff.
  • Voyeurism and/or exhibitionism.
  • A repeated pattern of behavior in the building that is disturbing and/or threatening to patrons and/or staff.
  • A pattern of napping/sleeping.
  • The use or sale of alcohol or controlled substances.
  • Running or rough-housing.
  • Loud/disturbing use of cell phones.
  • Violating our Internet Policies.

V. Patrons shall not bring food and/or beverages into the building nor consume the same in the building, except by prior approval during regularly scheduled meetings in the meeting rooms in facilities so equipped.

VI. Use of the public restrooms for such purposes as shaving, washing or drying clothes, etc. is prohibited.


VIII. Animals may not be brought into the building except for aid or guide animals or for approved special events.

IX. Anyone entering the building must wear appropriate attire including a shirt and shoes.

X. Commission of an offense which would constitute a misdemeanor or felony under the ordinances of the county, the county’s municipalities, or the laws of the United States or the State of Florida is prohibited.

XI. Persons whose personal hygiene is a source of disturbance to other patrons or staff and/or interferes with other patrons’ use of the library shall be barred from the library building until the source of the disturbance is removed. This action will not be taken unless complaints have been received from at least three people (patrons and/or staff) and documented in writing to the building’s supervisor.

XII. Copies of this code will be posted visibly in each library facility and distributed as part of the library’s new patron information. It will also be posted on the library’s website.

Safety Policy for Children and Teens:

UNATTENDED CHILDREN are of special concern at our library facilities. It is the responsibility of the parents or adult guardian to ensure that children are attended and monitored while they are in the library.

Must stay within the prescence of their adult guardian at all times.

May explore the library alone (guardians are still responsible for their children’s actions and wellbeing). Inappropriate behavior will result in dismissal from the library. Children who are unable to leave the library without a guardian should not be left alone on the premises.

Teens are considered to be adult patrons (though parents are still responsible for their teen’s actions) and are subject to the Code of Patron Conduct. Teens can be considered as adult guardians for younger siblings.

Children and teens may use the library’s phone to call for pickup. If transportation has not arrived 15 minutes prior to closing, the local police will be contacted for assistance.

To download a copy of this policy, click here.