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Create, Share, and Discover local author ebooks with Biblioboard!

Create. Share. Discover. with Pressbooks, SELF-e, and Biblioboard Library:

With Biblioboard Library, patrons have instant access to local, self-published books, a Community Reads collection, and thousands of other titles while never experiencing a hold, checkout, or lending limit. Plus: Geolocation (location based access) gives you instant access to Biblioboard Library without having to log in!

With Pressbooks and SELF-e, it's easier than ever for local authors to make their independently- or self-published books available to their community through their local libraries. And it's all free!

There are so many exciting things going on with local authors at the library!

In addition to our new local author collection of books at the library... We’ve just started subscribing to a new service called Biblioboard Library. It works a lot like OverDrive – in that it lets you download e-book and audiobooks to your computer, e-reader, smartphone or tablet. However, Biblioboard Library is different in two ways. First: where OverDrive focuses on the best of popular fiction and non-fiction from traditional publishers, Biblioboard focuses on Indie Authors. It’s a great way for self-published authors to get their books into the hands of library patrons throughout their home state and specifically: to make sure their work is discovered by patrons in the Putnam County Library System. The second (and biggest) difference is that Biblioboard Library has very useful two add-ons (Pressbooks and SELF-e) that help authors format their e-books (for free) and submit them to the Indie Florida Collection (which is available to patrons in libraries throughout Florida). There's even potential to get your books into a national collection. Imagine if your book could be discovered by library patrons throughout the United States!

To put it simply: You use Pressbooks to CREATE your ebook - either by writing directly into the editor or uploading the finished files. Then, you can use SELF-e to SHARE it with the rest of Putnam County! From Biblioboard Library, your work can be discovered by anyone using the Biblioboard Library app in Florida. Create. Share. Discover. It’s that easy!

Books submitted to Self-E are even reviewed by Library Journal. The best of them are featured in indie collections all over the United States. Some have gone on to snag publishing deals and become best-sellers.

Are you ready to get started with Pressbooks, SELF-e, and Biblioboard Library?!

Watch for self-publishing workshops coming to your local library. In the meantime: Learn more about each aspect of "Create. Share. Discover." below in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. If you have questions, contact jeremy.yates@putnam-fl.com.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Create using Pressbooks

What is Pressbooks?

Pressbooks in an easy-to-use online software that allows you to create professional-quality eBook and print-ready files in ePUB, MOBI, and PDF formats. With the Pressbooks tool, libraries and patrons can create and design their own books, newsletters, poetry, novels, and any other written content in digital and print-ready formats.

Who can use Pressbooks?

All Putnam County Library System staff and patrons.

Is there a limit to how many users can access this software or how many books can be created?

No. Our library can have as many Pressbooks users as we like! It's open to everyone in our community. Each user can create and export as many books as they'd like.

How do I login to Pressbooks?

To login to Pressbooks, you will be required to make a Biblioboard Library username and password and provide an email address. 

How do I access the Pressbooks site?

Visit https://putnam.pressbooks.pub

How do I learn more?

Click here to download Pressbooks Tips and Tricks (printable).

Click here to download Getting Started with Pressbooks (printable).

How-To Videos and Docs:


Share with SELF-e

What is SELF-e?

SELF-e is a year-round, royalty-free, self-publishing program that enables libraries to support their local self-published authors who are looking to promote their work and increase readership and exposure. Self published authors can now submit their work to the Putnam County Library System's SELF-e program to be featured in the statewide Indie Florida's collection, with the potential for national exposure.

How does the SELF-e program work?

  1. Authors submit their work.
  2. All submissions are vetted by Biblioboard and then Library Journal futher vets Adult and YA Fiction submissions.
  3. After the book is vetted by Biblioboard, it appears in Biblioboard Library in the statewide Indie Florida Collection.
  4. Adult and YA Fiction titles deemed by Library Journal as high-quality works are labeled SELF-e Select titles. In addition to appearing in the statewide Indie Florida Collection, these titles will also appear in teh LJ SELF-e Select Collection, which is available to Biblioboard users nationwide.

How do authors submit their work to SELF-e?

Authors can submit to SELF-e three ways:

  1. Authors can visit: https://selfe.librariescreate.com/self-e/org/putnam
  2. Authors can submit their work directly from Pressbooks under the "Publish" option.
  3. From the Biblioboard Library menu option, authors can click "Submit to SELF-e" link and will be redirected to the SELF-e Page.

What Type of Author Are You?

1. I’m an unknown author who has written my first book.

Congratulations on writing your first book! As many seasoned authors will tell you, the first book is the most difficult to promote since you are still building your readership. Through SELF-e, you can make your ebook available to thousands of readers via participating public libraries in your state, and have the potential to reach a national audience through Library Journal’s curated collections.

2. I’ve self-published a few books and have a small following, but I want to expand my reach.

By making your ebooks accessible via public libraries, you will maximize your ability to grow your readership. SELF-e’s PatronsFirst delivery platform increases your discoverability by allowing you to offer one or more of your ebooks to library patrons for free through the web and every major device. In 2016, we will be launching dashboards to help you see exactly how well your ebooks are performing in libraries.

3. I’m a traditionally published author with electronic rights to some / all of my ebooks.

By re-introducing your older works to a new audience in the public library system, you can build a new readership for your entire backlist. When your book becomes available via SELF-e, you can partner with your local library on a relaunch campaign while offering your ebook(s) to library patrons for free on any major electronic device. In addition, SELF-e’s analytic reports will allow you to see exactly how well your ebooks are performing in libraries, so you will know how many people are checking out your books.

4. I am a prolific author who serializes my work.

An emerging trend has developed for authors of serialized content to make installments of their works free to readers electronically. Through this method, they build an audience and drive sales in print and for future installments of their series. Through SELF-e you will be able to further extend your reach via public libraries, while creating demand for your work in other channels. Then, you can use SELF-e’s analytic reports to show how well your ebooks are doing in libraries, so you will know exactly how many people are checking out your books.

5. I want to make money selling my ebooks.

SELF-e is a discovery platform designed to expose self-published ebooks to more readers via public libraries. Distribution through SELF-e is royalty free; authors looking to sell their ebooks directly to libraries should approach SELF-e as a marketing tool to build a readership for their full body of work. If your ebooks are already generating satisfactory royalties from library sales via other channels, then SELF-e might not be a good fit for you.

How do I learn more?

Visit our Self Publishing Page (coming soon).

Click here to download SELF-e for Authors (printable).

Click here to download "Is SELF-e Right For Me?" (printable).

Click here to download a poster for SELF-e (printable in either 18x24 or scaled to fit 8.5x11).

Additional info on SELF-e program:


Discover with Biblioboard Library

What is Biblioboard Library?

In Biblioboard Library, you will discover local author content from self-published Florida authors. All content in Biblioboard Library is available with unlimited, multi-user access at all times. You will never experience a hold, late fee, checkout limit, or lending limit.

How do I get to Biblioboard Library?

You can download the Biblioboard Library app for your Apple, Android, or Kindle device. Or visit library.biblioboard.com on any web browser.

How do I login to Biblioboard Library?

Through the use of geolocation, location-based access, anyone in the service area of Putnam County Library System can instantly access Biblioboard Library without needing a login. To utilize features such as favorites, bookmarks, and more, users must create a profile. In addition to geolocation, other authentication methords are also available. That is, if you are outside of our service area, you can login using your library card.

What can I discover on Biblioboard Library?

  • Indie Florida Collection: Enjoy titles from your local, independently published authors in Florida in this collection. Check out the highlights to find the top picks from Library Journal.
  • Popup Picks is your go-to collection for your next Community Read or book club! Filled with top independently published eBooks, all with unlimited-use access, it is perfect for readers of all ages. It includes award-winning sci-fi, young adult, travel, humor, self-help, children's books, graphic novels, and more with the collections curated by Publishers Weekly.
  • Biblioboard Core: Covering a wide range of topics--including Literature, Philosophy, History, Geography, and Science-- Biblioboard Core is Biblioboard's chief historical collection. Biblioboard Core contains 400 collections with over 14,000 full-text eBooks and over 24,000 pieces of primary source content.

How do I learn more?

Click here to download a Getting Started Guide (printable).


Click here to go to Biblioboard Library