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Sunshine State Youth Reader Award (SSYRA) Books

The Sunshine State Young Readers Award (SSYRA) Program is a statewide reading motivational program for students in a collaborative effort between the Florida Association of Media in Education (FAME) and the Florida Department of Education (DOE). Local schools often assign these lists to public school students - with the expectation that they will complete all (or a portion) of the list by the end of the school year.

Every year, the Putnam County Library System orders copies of all 15 books on the four lists:  SSYRA Jr. for 2nd grade, SSYRA for 3rd-5th grade, SSYRA for 6th-8th grade, and  FAME for high school ages.

Patrons can only check out two of these books at a time and must return them within TWO WEEKS. Since these books are in high demand throughout the summer and the school year, an overdue fine of $0.50 a day will be charged in the event any of these books are returned late. Please check your due dates. 

2022-2023 2nd Grade List

2022-2023 3rd-5th Grade List

2022-2023 6th-8th Grade List

2022-2023 High School FAME List