How to Play Ancient Board Games

Join Putnam County Archivist Mischa Johns on this six-episode series "How to Play Ancient Board Games." Each episode covers a different game. She'll tell you about the history of the game, how to play it, and how to recreate it at home using simple supplies (like paper, pencil, dice or coins, etc.).You can also follow along on if you're logging your reading and doing programs for points this summer. There are reading challenges for all age groups (even adults). Find "missions" like this virtual library program under "Fun Stuff."

The Ancient Egypt Game of Senet

Episode 1: The Ancient Egyptian Game of Senet

The Royal Game of Ur

Episode 2: The Royal Game of Ur

How to Play the Ancient Game Nine Mens Morris

Episode 3: Nine Mens' Morris

Be on the lookout for episodes 4-6 coming soon!