Monetary Donations

Why donate to the library?? 

Many people believe that the library is fully funded using tax dollars.   While that is true to some extent, taxes only account for 65% of the library operating budget.   Penal fines (fines assessed on interstate traffic) account for another 25% of the library operating budget.   The remaining 10% is equally divided between fundraising and other daily operating income.   The library serves approximately 150,000 people each year by providing resources such as:  books, movies, audiobooks, computers, wifi, printers,  meeting room space, programs, periodicals and newspapers, etc...   Donations help us continue to provide quality resources to our community and visitors.

The library is a governmental non-profit entity and as such, donations are deductible on federal taxes.  

If you would like to contribute in any of the following ways,  please contact the library at (269) 983-7167 or email us at

If sending a donation by mail, please address it:

ATTN:   Director
Maud Preston Palenske Memorial Library
500 Market Street
St. Joseph, MI  49085


Ways to donate to the library:

  • Annual Appeal 

Targeted fundraising requests sent out in the fall of each year. 

  • Endowment Fund

The library has an established endowment fund that is a separate fund held in trust by the Library Board of Trustees.  The income from this fund is used solely for the purchase of books and other circulating material.  

  • Capital improvement funds

The library is a lovely 1960s era building in need of care.  Capital improvements for a building such as this are an ongoing necessity.   Our operating budget does not stretch far enough for the major improvements that need to be made to our library. 

  • Sponsorships for Summer Reading

Sponsors offset the costs for the superb summer events put on by the library during our summer reading program.  

  • Estate Planning

Talk to your financial advisor about including the library in your estate planning.

  • Donate online

You can now help the library by donating electronically through the Berrien Community Foundation. Just click the donate button below:


If you prefer to donate directly to the library:

Please note: Paypal will deduct a small processing fee from your donation. This account cannot be used for paying library fines and fees.