Free / Open Access Databases

Free/Open Access Databases

Below is a list of free/open access electronic journals and e-Books databases that are recommended by the University Library System. Access to these electronic resources is restricted and intended for USC community only.

You may also download the Open Educational Resources (OER) directory. (Download).

101 Free Online Journal and Research Databases for Academics.

This resource was designed to help students, academics, and researchers access the information they need without having to subscribe to an expensive service. The directories, databases, and repositories in this list are all free to use (though some require that you sign up first). We have focused on services that catalog free access and open access journals; most of the sites on the list offer at least some such resources, and the items highlighted in green offer exclusively free or open access resources.

ACS Publications (ACS In Focus only)

ACS Publications is dedicated to helping researchers advance scientific excellence to solve global challenges through journals, eBooks, scientific programs, and the newsmagazine Chemical & Engineering News.


eLibrayUSA is a collection of online resources that gives access to information that can be found in American public libraries. It offers a broad range of resources useful in learning English, American history and culture, health, science, business, and more. Trainings for groups are provided either offsite or in the American Embassy Library upon request.

Elsevier E-Books Collection

In order to support distant and online learning, For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, 236 textbooks freely available to our ScienceDirect customers to support students and lecturers whose classes have moved from campus to online.

COVID-19 Information Portal (EBSCO)

The EBSCO Health team have aggregated public and proprietary content from government agencies and publishers to create a resource portal that spans our collective knowledge on coronavirus.  The site is being updated daily and all of the content is free to all. Our goal is to support health care providers and leaders in their work related to combating the coronavirus, and we will continue to gather and develop tools and resources to help.

Gadgets Magazine

Gadgets is not just smartphones, laptops, computers, cameras, and other electronic stuff. A gadget is everything and anything—in the home, the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, garage, living room, the office, school, for travel, or just about anywhere. It’s what you wear, what you have in your bag, and what you aspire to have. Gadgets Magazine features more than just electronic equipment and high-tech trends.

GALE COVID-19 Resources Hub

The GALE COVID 19 Resources Hub offering temporary open access to several resources, including Gale Reference Complete: Schools Edition – Essential. These resources have allowed libraries to expand the support available to their users during the rapid shift to online and at-home learning.

HathiTrust Digital Library

HathiTrust Digital Library is a digital preservation repository and highly functional access platform. HathiTrust provides long-term preservation and access services to digitized content from a variety of sources, including Google, the Internet Archive, Microsoft, and in-house member institution initiatives. Items in the public domain are in full-view for everyone and items held in copyright are searchable.


An online portal that provides easy management and access to health research and related information. The HERDIN plus was developed by the PCHRD in response to the requirement of the PNHRS.

IEEE Learning Network

The IEEE Learning Network is your place to find IEEE continuing education.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE and its members inspire a global community to innovate for a better tomorrow through highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. IEEE is the trusted “voice” for engineering, computing, and technology information around the globe.

Library Journals

As libraries have adapted, we have been there all the way--leading the profession forward by identifying trends on the brink of impact, surfacing best practices and innovations to invest in, identifying emerging leaders, sharing important news and perspectives that shape the field, guiding purchasing decisions, acting as an advocate for librarians and libraries--leading the field through the great changes and innovations required to keep libraries strong.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine are private, nonprofit institutions that provide expert advice on some of the most pressing challenges facing the nation and the world. Our work helps shape sound policies, inform public opinion, and advance the pursuit of science, engineering, and medicine. Over many decades we have earned a solid reputation as the nation's premier source of independent, expert advice on scientific, engineering, and medical issues.

National Academy of Science and Technology

The National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines is the symbol of the nation's commitment to science. The proposal for its creation originated from the University of the Philippines. Among the notable members of this small group were Dr. Joventino D. Soriano, a cytogeneticist; Dr. Gregorio T. Velasquez, a phycologist; his wife, Dr. Carmen C. Velasquez, a parasitologist; Dr. Edgardo D. Gomez, a marine biologist; Dr. Edito G. Garcia, a public health specialist. After a series of impromptu meetings held at the UP Institute of Small-Scale Industries, the task of preparing a formal proposal for a science academy was assigned to Dr. Soriano. In May, 1976, the proposal was submitted to Dr. Melecio S. Magno, who had been appointed Chairman of the NSDB with Cabinet rank. Chairman Magno fully endorsed the plan for a government-funded academy of science. It was heartily endorsed by the National Science Development Board (the predecessor agency of the Department of Science and Technology) to the President of the Philippines, On 06 October 1976, The National Academy of Science was created by Presidential Decree 1003. A subsequesnt amendment established instead the National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines and expanded the base of its membership. Thus, P.D. 1003-A signed on 17 December 1976, is the enabling legislation for the present NAST.

National Commission of Culture and The Arts (NCCA)

NCCA’s homepage is the country’s best site for information on Philippine culture and the arts. Search links for biography of national artists, publications about Philippine culture, art photos and contest announcements, both local and international, including employment opportunities are available. The Commission’s colorful web page is very inviting to explore about with its schedule of activities – from the most celebrated cultural, historical events to the most recently talked about performances, free or fee-based, and awarding ceremonies. The site also highlights varied online resources for the seven (7) arts leading to not only a discovery but of the enrichment of the Filipino soul.

Novel Coronavirus Information Center (Elsevier)

Welcome to Elsevier's Novel Coronavirus Information Center Here you will find expert, curated information for the research and health community on SARS-CoV-2 (the novel coronavirus) and COVID-19 (the disease). All resources are free to access and include guidelines for clinicians and patients.

Novel Coronavirus Information Center (ProQuest)

ProQuest just announced the launch of a Coronavirus Research Database in response to the rapidly growing need for authoritative content related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The new cross-disciplinary resource enables researchers to search and discover full-text articles, dissertations and other content from key publishers in one place.

ODILO Digital Library (Trial)

World's leading provider of intelligent digital library, digital preservation and archiving solutions for libraries, schools, universities & corporate.

Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians (PAARL)

The Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians, better known by its acronym, PAARL, is presently an association of academic and research librarians in the Philippines that upholds the profession of academic and research librarianship in the country. Its principal mission is to articulate the concerns of academic and research librarians and their institutions, and to influence information policy development affecting the future of academic and research libraries. Since 1973, it has provided leadership in the development and growth of library and information services in the country.

Philippine Journal of Librarianship and Information Studies (PhJLIS)

The Philippine Journal of Librarianship and Information Studies continues the work of the Journal of Philippine Librarianship. It publishes articles discussing issues, developments etc. from all fields in the area of library and information science, such as law librarianship, health and medical librarianship, information system, archival studies, children and young adult library services, management of library and information centers, history of the book, libraries and the evolution of the profession, philosophy, ethics, core competencies, legal framework and standards in information work, new and emerging technology and services, information storage and retrieval, collection management, cataloging and classification, indexing and abstracting, thesaurus construction, reference and access, reader services, and preservation and conservation of collections.

Philippine Journal of Science (DOST)

This is the online version of the Philippine Journal of Science (Philipp J Sci or PJS)—an open-access, single-blind peer-reviewed journal on natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, and social sciences. PJS is published by the Department of Science and Technology and managed by Science and Technology Information Institute.

PHL CHED Connect

A web application that contains higher education course materials in text, media and other digital assets that are useful for teaching, learning and research purposes.

Socioeconomic Research Portal of the Philippines

The Socioeconomic Research Portal for the Philippines (SERP-P) is an online knowledge resource that contains socioeconomic studies and materials produced by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) and other academic and research institutions. Its establishment is in line with PIDS™ mandates of providing a common link between the government and research institutions, and of establishing a repository of socioeconomic research information.

SERP-P is the country's first electronic repository of policy research and information that capitalizes on research networking, where users can access socioeconomic materials in various formats: journal articles, books, working papers, policy notes, research papers, newsletters from multiple sources.

Socioeconomic Research Portal of the Philippines - NEWSLETTER

This monthly e-newsletter provides updates on forthcoming events and latest publications of the Socioeconomic Research Portal for the Philippines (SERP-P) member-institutions.

Starbooks Online!

STARBOOKS is short for Science & Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated Kiosk Station also known as "LIBRARY IN A BOX" intended to serve as information access portals in key areas in the Philippines.

SunStar Digital Editions

SunStar e-paper is a digital edition replicas of the print newspapers available on your computer and/or mobile devices. You can read SunStar online in its true printed format from anywhere in the world. The e-paper is enhanced with the latest digital tools, including RSS feeds, social networking, blogging and much more. With a subscription, you will benefit from a simple user interface and the latest digital tools, specially designed to offer you an enhanced reading experience.

Taylor and Francis Online

Search and explore the millions of quality, peer-reviewed journal articles published under the Taylor & Francis and Routledge imprints.

The LawPhil Project

Lawphil is a legal web site project of Arellano Law Foundation thru its Information Technology Center. Arellano Law Foundation is a non-stock non-profit institution specializing in legal education. Realizing the essence of making the law accessible and understandable not only to the legal community but to all sectors of society, Arellano Law Foundation has embarked to digitize and make available through the internet all Philippine laws, statutes, jurisprudence, presidential decrees, issuances, executive orders, administrative orders, and other legal materials

Wiley Open Research/Open Access Browse Journals

Wiley Open Access publishes authoritative peer reviewed open access journals across many research disciplines. Wiley Open Access journals are supported by a network of authoritative journals and societies as well as internationally renowned editorial board members. All research articles published in Wiley Open Access journals are immediately freely available to read, download and share. Wiley Open Access publishes a number of online journals across biological, chemical and health sciences.

World Bank’s Open Data Initiative: World dataBank

DataBank is an analysis and visualisation tool that contains collections of time series data on a variety of topics. You can create your own queries; generate tables, charts, and maps; and easily save, embed, and share them. Offers open and free access to over 2,000 financial, business, health, economic and human development data for more than 200 countries, with the data going back to 50 years. Access to at least 20 World Bank Group databases, including: World Development Indicators, Global Development Finance, Global Economic Monitor, Actionable Governance Indicators, Doing Business Database, Health, Nutrition and Population Statistics.