Our Services - Rules of Use
Rules of Use
  • In order to perform its function to the satisfaction of all users, the University Library System needs cooperation by observing the following rules:

    A. General Rules

    1. Idle conversation, loud laughter and other unnecessary noise disturb the clientele and must be avoided. Talking out of necessity must be done in subdued tones.
    2. Eating, smoking and sleeping are not encouraged in any of the libraries and AV Halls.
    3. Books in the reading areas should not be returned to their shelves but left on the tables (to avoid their being misplaced).
    4. A properly validated ID must be presented at various counters wherever a library material is called for. The ID is not transferable. For any library material drawn upon it, the owner to whom it is made out will be held responsible.
    5. Every library user/customer should wear his/her ID upon entrance and all throughout his/her stay in the library.
    6. Upon leaving the library, every user/customer will be required to pass through the correct exit security portal. If one’s exit triggers the alarm, the user should follow these steps:
      • 1st Alarm Ring - Step aside and pass through the security portal again
      • 2nd Alarm Ring - Approach the circulation desk and verify if the material being brought out is properly checked out.

        Wait for the library security guard or the librarian at the Information Desk to approach and check one’s handbag, briefcase, etc. for any materials that may have triggered the alarm.
    7. During brown-outs, users/customers must:
      • Open and show contents of bags, folders and/or envelopes
      • Show date due slips of every library material taken out to the exit checker
    8. Use of AV Facilities: Users should make the necessary booking and reservation at the AV Center of the Campus where the service is requested. Appropriate forms have to be processed and submitted to the AV Services Librarian/Coordinator.

    B. Rules on Borrowing Materials

    1. Reference books may be borrowed for two (2) weeks, renewable for another two (2) weeks, unless requested by another user.
    2. Maximum of 10 books may be borrowed at one time.
    3. Reserved books are issued for one hour at a time for use within the room only.
    4. The following types of materials are read only in the library; they are not circulated for home use:
      • General Reference such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases
      • Rare books and Rare Filipiniana
      • Theses/Dissertations, Periodicals, Cebuano and Filipiniana Collections
      • CD Roms and DVDs
      • World Bank Publications and American Corner Collections
    5. AV materials can be loaned out for classroom use.
    6. The Library System complies with all the provisions of RA 8293: An Act Prescribing an “Intellectual Property Code” and strictly observes the country’s copyright law and Fair Use Guidelines

    C. Fines and Other Penalties

    1. For overdue books the following fines are imposed:
      • Reference books is Php 5.00 per day, per book excluding Sundays and Holidays
      • Reserved books, Php 2.00 for the first hour, Php 1.00 for the second hour and succeeding hours
    2. When a book is lost, the borrower should report the loss immediately to the librarian. Otherwise, the book becomes overdue and the borrower will pay the overdue fine incurred until the day the loss is reported, in addition to paying for the current replacement cost of the book.
    3. The University ID will be confiscated from a student who fails to observe library regulations and procedures. Such a student will be referred to the Department Chair or the College Dean and the Head of the Office of Student Affairs.
    4. Stealing and mutilating books are serious offenses and will be dealt with strictly
      • Anyone found guilty of stealing any library material will be held liable of a grave offense: thus, disciplinary action will be enforced. In addition, he/she will be made to pay a fine of Php 1,000.00 plus the current cost of acquiring a replacement
      • Anyone found guilty of mutilating any library material will be held liable for a grave offense; thus, disciplinary action will be meted out. In addition, he or she will be made to pay a fine of Php 500.00 plus the current cost of acquiring a replacement.