FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

General FAQ's

How Do I...
  • Why do we not have the open shelf system in the CAFA Library?
    The theses are a rich source of original design ideas. The volumes of rare art books date back to 1870s. They are priceless. The use of these materials, therefore, must be monitored.
  • Why can we not borrow the theses for home use?
    Use of theses is monitored by the library to protect the ownership rights of the authors. They are for library use only.
  • Can we borrow books in other USC libraries? How?
    The library allows students to place their request for books that are available only in the branch libraries. In most cases requested books will arrive within two to three days. Students will be notified when a requested books is available for use at the libraries where the request is placed.
  • What will happen if I fail to return a magazine on time?
    The least that the librarian will do is to remind you of the rules. The most is a fine or remarks on your inconsiderate behavior.
  • Borrow Books?
    Show your School Identification Card and Library to the circulation counter in-charge.
  • Renew Books?
    Show your School Identification Card and Library Card to the circulation counter in-charge. Present the book or books to be renewed.
  • Pay Fines?
    Pay your fines at the circulation counter. You will be issued an official receipt.